Gena & Ruzanna Sargsyan

“Support Our Heroes” charitable non-governmental organization continues to build and purchase houses in Artsakh, rebuild, renovate and furnish them, including major appliances, and transfer them to the Artsakhians.

Thanks to a dedicated benefactor of our organization, Armond Garibyan, we recently managed to purchase one more house. Renovation works are slated to start soon.

The project will be named in memory of our benefactor’s father, Norayr Garibyan.

This time, we are furnishing a home to Gena and Ruzanna Sargsyan and their three children. Gena and Ruzanna lost their home in Talish and were living in rented housing in the city of Martakert since October 2020. Gena is a professional soldier of the Armenian army and has participated in the 44-day war.


In progress