Armine Sargsyan

“Support our heroes” charitable non-governmental organization continues its mission aimed at the strategic resettlement of Artsakh, which aims not only to provide accommodation, but also to create more comfortable and decent conditions for our beneficiary families.

This time it was the turn of Armine Sargsyan’s family.

Armine Sargsyan has two children. Her husband, Norayr Mkrtchyan, was heroically martyred during the 44-day Artsakh war. With no place to stay and living in a shabby house for rent, Armine thought about the uncertain future of her children.

Armine now has a renovated and furnished house, new furniture, appliances, a well-maintained yard, a garden and a somewhat carefree everyday life thanks to the donations to the “Support our heroes” charitable organization.

“Support our heroes” charitable non-governmental organization will continue to be consistent as much as possible in providing a decent life to the families of the heroes of the Artsakh war.