Arevik Yenikalopyan

Meet Arevik of Martakert, the 24 year old pregnant widow of the 27 fallen heroe, mother of one year old Ludmila, 3 year old Samvel, 4 year old Susanna and mother of Tamara, who was born on January 5th, 2021. On December 28th, Arevik received a truck load of supplies from SOH, including furniture, warm blankets, a wood burning heater, firewood, clothing, food and other necessities. Arevik’s roof is currently being repaired by the government. We are working with Arevik and her family to insure that all their needs are met.

We’re committed to securing safe, deserving living conditions to every Armenian soul on the land of Artsakh.

Help us be on the side of ALL Arevik’s.