Portable Gas Tanks

On the morning of March 26th, 2022 and in coordination with the Ministry of Defense, we embarked on the task of locating and purchasing gas tanks for our boys on the Artsakh front lines. By 8:00 PM, on the same day, we purchased from six different suppliers and delivered to our warehouse in Yerevan, quantity (130) 5Kg gas heater tanks, which we had filled with gas, along with their stainless-steel accessories, as well as an ample quantity of spare parts.

At 8:30 AM Sunday morning the 27th, we loaded the goods in the ministry's truck and the heaters arrived in Artsakh Sunday night, keeping warm the brave, who guard our homeland's most critical borders.

As we have for the past 6 years, we stand by our defenders in times of peace and war, ready to do what is necessary.